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Fire Department

Fire Safety House

Our Story

The Nicholasville Fire Department is currently seeking help with funding a fire Safety House to help us teach fire safety to all age groups in Jessamine County. The highest likelihood for fire affecting you is in your home and we want to see everyone make it out. This hands on teach tool has saved many lives.

How You Can Help

Donations to help us fund this project will impact your community for many years and our current budget of 3500 does not cover this expense for fire prevention efforts in our community. As our leaders see your support for our project they will be encouraged to support us also.

The firefighters in your community will reach every age group and ability with this hands on teaching tool that allows us to help you learn to escape a fire as well as many other safety messages. The fire departments that deliver these life saving messages are Nicholasville, Jessamine County, and Wilmore.

We are hoping you will share this and join us in this effort as soon as you can help so that we can show our leaders we have your support.

It is easy to donate to the Safety House project through our GoFundMe Page! Click here to donate.

I am David Johns, a Battalion Chief with Nicholasville Fire Department and I help coordinate the fire prevention efforts in our community along side of many firefighters you see in your schools and with various community groups. We provide a wide range of services to help keep you fire safe and we need your continued support. Thank You for taking the time to consider helping us bring this very effective teaching tool to our community.

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