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Fire Department

The last few years have highlighted the importance of well trained and equipped firefighters to our nation, state, and local communities. Terrorism, raging forest fires, accidents and other incidents have tested the skill and grit of these dedicated community servants and their families.

The city of Nicholasville recognizes the value of a professional fire department and has invested in building a top-notch team. Only a few years ago, the department consisted of all volunteer firefighters. Today, the department of 49 professional firefighters and one administrative assistant provides service from three fire stations spread across the city.

The Nicholasville Fire Department protects a population of more than 29,754 residents and workers within an area of 13 square miles.

Everyday, these professionals are focused on their commitment to fulfilling their role in keeping the community as safe as possible.

For more information contact:

Nicholasville Fire Department
Chief Craig Cox
785 E. Brannon Road
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Phone: 859.554.5100

Assistant Chief Marty Kazsuk
1022 South Main Street
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Phone: 859.885.5505

Our Mission

City of Nicholsaville Fire Department
  • Develop and implement a fire prevention and public education program geared at reducing the loss of life and property by fire
  • Respond and suppress fire when it occurs in our response area
  • Respond to hazardous materials incidents on the Operations level and work closely and courteously with higher-level agencies in further reducing the hazard
  • Assist and remove victims of accidents and incidents through the use of extrication and rescue procedures within the capability of this department
  • Assist the inhabitants of the City of Nicholasville in times of need in dealing with situations caused by both man-made and natural disasters through good will missions
  • Provide mutual aid assistance to departments or organizations, which may require our resources and call upon our department to do so

Our Vision

  • To provide our services to our customers in the most pofessional, skillfull and diligent manner possible.

Our Motto


517 North Main Street · Nicholasville, KY 40356 · Phone: 859.885.1121 · Fax: 859.881.0750 · Email: info@nicholasville.org
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